POT Music Fest gladly announces the 2016 edition!

We are the stage that brings you the young and alternative music from Moldova, but also from abroad. This year, at POT Music Fest, you will get to see performing bands from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Germany and Sweden. Equip yourself with patience until May 21, 16:00. The crowding will take place on the stage of Eugen Ionesco Theater.  During the Fest you will have the chance to vote for your favorite band from Moldova and POT Music organizers will award them and ensure the support they need to continue their work.

POT Music Fest is an initiative that aims to actively encourage the artistic development of new emerging bands. The young bands will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and make themselves noticed, at the same time creating an unforgettable show for all the spectators that love rock music. We hope that this event will bring together people of all ages who have a common goal - to discover the alternative music from Moldova and abroad.
Venue: Eugene Ionesco Theater (bd. Grigore Vieru 11)
Date: May 21, 2016
Time: 16.00 (4.00 pm)
Ticket price: 40 lei (the tickets can be bought starting with May 10, 2016 from the ticket office of the Eugene Ionesco Theater)


Newmen (Germany)

NEWMEN, “the currently hottest Newcomer-Band in German music business”, was founded in 2012 in Frankfurt am Main. The five-piece band spins slivers of pop jungles, post-garages and neo-waves into intense but subtle dance grooves. In 2014 the band released their Debut-LP RUSH HUSH. The album recombines the cold clarity of 1980s German icons DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) with the epic noise of Velvet Underground or the synthetic meadows of David Bowie. A sound experience that oscillates between kraut, sun, and disco. A turn to a new realism of sound by serving the last century’s modern. In winter 2014 the band recorded the five tracks EP "Quick Millions" which was released on April 2015.

There is something about this mix, which you can´t put in an eclectic angle. It´s neither future nostalgia, nor is it postmodern resignation. It´s something about the idea of contemporary music and how it should be.

Flat Foot (Sweden)

Flat Foot have been seen on the roads since 2007 performing on festivals, clubs, arenas, TV and radio in China, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Estonia and of course in Sweden. Album number 5, "In Your Face", was released on august 20, 2014 and the songs Johnny Mac and Living By The Gun reached several radio stations top charts. This is surf rock music with a touch of both Quentin Tarrantino and Ennio Morricone. - Cactus Rock

Inside (Romania)

Inside debuted in early 2013 in the clubs from the Moldova region (Iasi, Suceava, Galati) at various festivals (ArtFest, Festudis, Rock'N'Iasi, Bergembier Friendship Days etc.) with a repertoire that consists up to this date of its own compositions based on the dreams and emotions with which listeners can empathize. The 2015 year brought two videos, executed entirely by Francesca Pantea (BlueCat Studio) and a first demo album, recorded, mixed and mastered by Vladimir Ivanov at the Base Studio.

The first video, entitled "Muse" was released at the Fix Theatre at the Nights of Romanian Film and the second video, "Hello", was released at the national TVR and at the Rock'N'Iasi festival. Inside it is the result of what pursues and feels a visual artist, an IT person, a free-lancer and a history in the most pure expression of alternative rock style. The band members are: Madalina (27) on vocal and guitar, Paul (24) on guitar, Julian (34) on bass and Codrin (34) on the battery.

Dzerjinski Bitz (Ukraina)

DZIERZYNSKI BITZ | Dzerzhinsky Orchestra is one of the brightest and most exciting young bands from Ukraine. It’s an international project in which Western sounds are combined with Eastern Europe melodies. The band calls its style Novy Twist (New Twist). Their debut album "I II III '' was released in June 2012 and it managed to be placed in the annual rankings of independent publications. The second album "Love Me Do" was released in November 2014. Its producer was Graham Sutton, who is known for his work with These New Puritans, British Sea Power and Jarvis Cocker (Pulp). The last production of the team was the album "Novy Twist" which was released in autumn 2015. Simultaneously, with it appeared video for the song "Rock" and later for the song "Jesus".

The band performed with success in cities across Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States and Belarus. Also participated in festivals such as Stereoleto (St. Petersburg), Jazz-Koktebel (Zatoka) AVANT (Moscow), Oasis Fest (Georgia), FORM (Moscow), Gogolfest (Kiev), Mirum Music Fest (Belarus), Art-Labirinth (Moldova).

Labbatrissta (MD, finalist concurs POT)

LabbaTrissta made itself noticed in the summer of 2013, when Ronin Terente made the first rehearsal with Marinat. At the beginning was Ronin and Marinat who were collaborating with different musicians, until Ronin proposed a collaboration with the bassist and drummer of No Shagga, the band in which Ronin was previously the band vocalist. From the moment they had the first repetition they continued to sing, even though they had a few moments where the band was about to fall apart. The style that the band addresses is experimental rock. The boys want, like any rock band in this world, concerts on big stages with good technique and fans who would know their songs.

Shelter (MD, finalist concurs POT)

Shelter is a relatively young band that appeared in the fall of 2015. They had the first on the 26th of February, just 4 months later. Shelter has a varied program of music. Although the band has composed American style songs and their music is based on rock, they have experienced and incorporated elements of ethno-folk and Latin music as well. And in their 4-5 months of activity they have managed to write over 15 songs in both in English and Romanian. For the near future, Shelter aims to record a few songs and then launch at them at the national and later international level.

Anxiety (MD, finalist concurs POT)

Anxiety band formed in Cahul, in early 2012. From its original composition were part Vlad Nebunu, the guitarist and Vlad Sabajuc, the drummer. After a series of changes and experiences, today’s formula of the band is stable, united and working hard. Anxiety’s music style inclines towards alternative/groove metal with elements of metal core. To this day, Anxiety recorded 8 original songs in both English and Romanian at a studio in Cahul and held 4 concerts in their hometown, Cahul, one in Balti and one in Chisinau at the POT Music contest. The band wants to contribute to the development of good quality metal in Moldova. Therefore, it aims to record an album in a professional studio and organize a European tour for the album. Although the distance from the capital and all the core metal movement in Moldova seems to be an obstacle to the evolution of the band, passion, ambition and hard work wins them all.

Autist (MD, finalist concurs POT) 

The band was formed in 2014 being inspired by metal, punk, and hardcore of the '80s. The subjects of their texts are of both social and personal nature, more exactly, ridiculing the unhealthy conservatism and being aware of the weaknesses characteristic to humans. The band's name indicates its detachment from the society.

The project POT Music Fest is organized with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC Moldova).