POT Music Contest

POT is a contest for young bands from the Republic of Moldova. We decided to organize it in order to give a chance to the young musicians to get up on a stage and showcase their talents. Why are we doing this? Because we know it from experience how it is to be a beginner musician and how hard it is to make the first steps in this industry.

POT offers its contestants the possibility to communicate with fellow colleagues from other bands, to receive advice from experienced professionals and to sing their own songs in front of an audience. The winners of the contest will have the opportunity to record their songs in a professional studio. 

Who can participate in the contest?

Only musicians that are at the beginning of their careers If you have original songs and your only performances were in your rehearsal place – show us what you’ve got. We encourage the participation of alternative music bands from all genres (Rock, Rap, Electro, Blues, Indie, and any combination of these styles).

Why do you need to participate?

POT is a transparent contest. The participants will be evaluated not only by a jury, but also by the audience that will be attending the contest’s events (preselection and final). Moreover, the POT team will be organizing trainings with professionals from the music industry and will cover various aspects in order to prepare the contestants for the big stage.